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Tribal Council

NO set topics. NO agendas. NO judgement. NO "I" in TR1BE!

This is a monthly, peer-to-peer group meeting for veterans and first responders, and is led by staff members from Stay The Course in a open-forum setting.  Meetings go every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at our Dallas location, and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in Fort Worth at 6pm.

Virtual Peer Groups

These virtual Zoom meetings held regularly throughout the month, and each one is catered towards specific groups of people in the veteran and first responder community.  You can see exact dates for each meeting on our Events Calendar.


Group Name & Description


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Allyson Oliver

One Tribe Family
Being the loved one of a Veteran or First Responder brings about unique experiences. This group creates a safe space to share our experiences and decompress from the world around us. If you are a loved one of a veteran or first responder, please join us for an opportunity to build connections and create a tribe of support!

Every other Tuesday
1000 CST
Chris Payne

Medical Lounge
The Med Lounge is a place for doctors, nurses, techs, and other healthcare personnel to come together and talk in a safe, judgment free environment.

Every other Tuesday
5:00pm CST
Kimberly Parker
Keegan Alley

LEO Peer Support
This group is led by Kimberly Parker, retired police officer and Keegan Alley, son of a police officer.  All of the law enforcement community are wleocme to this open forum to discuss obstacles related to the police profession.

Every other Thursday
1800 CST
Sara Compton

White Star Survivors
A group to provide a caring environment for survivors who have experienced the loss of a spouse, partner, or significant other who died by suicide. This support group is open to all survivors, whether the loss is recent or years have passed. This group is led by a peer supporter who shares the loss experience and is intended to provide a safe place for survivors to share experiences, give and receive encouragement, and connect with others who are on a similar grief journey.

1700 CST
Blake McGee
Joe Stazione

Impact Group
The Impact peer group is designed to provide a platform for veterans to connect via telehealth and serve as a catalyst for a diverse support network.

Every other Wednesday
1200 CST
Kari Brannon

Kitchen Table Talks
As firefighters/medics, we spend time together at the kitchen table. We eat, laugh, share, and have conversations. This group is a safe place to have that conversation with other firefighters/ medics, no matter the topic. Active and retired are welcome.

Every other Tuesday
6:00pm CST
Kari Brannon

Shift Change
Transitioning into life after a career that has become our identity, purpose, and created an extended family, can be difficult, fearful, and emotional. As first responders, we have committed to sacrificing our life for strangers. Shift Change is a safe place for any first responder, active and retired, to engage in conversation about this transition into life after career. Retirees and active first responders, in all stages of their career, may have insights to offer others.

Every other Tuesday opposite Kitchen Table Talks
6:00pm CST